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Online characters list
Lord Agushi Calderaus [/\/\]The Glorious Lady Anastasia Kessel [/\/\]
- valdir
AppostoThe Illustrious Arcturus Mengsk
The Glorious Lady Astrid Delacroix [TMG]
Azatoth [/\/\]
- Taursil
Babuska Baraka Baen'Re
BettinaLord Boris Harlaut [/\/\]
- Kerlon
Chopper Starring [/\/\]The Eminent Cluster [A†N]
- Master
ColvorThe Rude Delta Citrine [SBK]
- Delta
The Famed Eylin Fabbro
Lord Fatiatore [CdtC]The Glorious Ghimell [/\/\]
The Glorious Lord GRAMOZ N'Despair [/\/\]
- (V) T4M3R 4 P4S5i0n
Lord Io Sono Sgravo II [SBK]
- elpa
The Dishonored Lady KeTaMinE [/\/\]The Glorious Lord Kimco Il TiMiDo [SBK]
The Noble Lord KirTank [TMG]
The Glorious Lady KypBa [TMG]
The Famed LasciviousNess lupigi
The Unsavory ManovaleThe Noble Lord Marcello Foa [/\/\]
- aviopene
Lord Metal Worker [/\/\]
- Sky
The Eminent Lord Minador Minecraft
NettunoLord Nonno Pain [LoVe]
Lord Oromis Pinkman [BOT]
Prep WorkerThe Dread Lord Protossido [KoR]
- Klo
Scorna Vacche [/\/\]
- kiuzzo
The Eminent Lady Sora Filla [/\/\]
The Dread Lord The Trash Barrel [TMG]
- Crafto Solo Merda
The Distinguished Lord TheBear
The Illustrious Lord UnknownLord USA Army
The Glorious Lady Valak [/\/\]Lady Wall at Work
Worker ILord Worker II
The Notable zipadrone [/\/\]Lady Zoe [D|L]

Invisible ones: 10
Total: 50
Max: 949

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