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Online characters list
The Noble Lord AceVentura [KP] Aerie [/\/\]
- Jessica
The Renowned Agushi Calderaus [SoW]The Glorious Lord Alessandro Magno [)PR(]
The Nefarious Amaro Montenegro [XvL]
- Turbo
Lady Armaiola [E0S]
- Artigiana
The Fair Artemisia [/\/\] Arya [/\/\]
- arya
The Noble Lord AyFly NoRooK Bettina
The Dark Lord bodhidharma [MEX]
- El China
Brother Wolf [MEX]
- El Gringo
Bubba [MEX]
- minador asesino
The Illustrious Lord Caleb [/\/\]
- JD
The Trustworthy Cambogiano [/\/\]
- anubi
Lord Camel Blue
Chopper Starring [/\/\]Lord Conte Mascetti [/\/\]
- Kiuzzo
The Rude Cris Golab [R0M]The Dishonored Lord Duur Barbafiamma
The Dark Lord Efesto [KP] Eolwinn
Lord Fatiatore [CdtC]The Glorious Lord Fester L'Oscuro [TMG]
- N I G G A M A N
The Outcast GuCCi Boy [LvX] Gunter
HistoriaLady I KiLL EconomieS [=DS=]
Il MuschettiereThe Famed Illusion [Pro]
- Panicone
Imladris [IPIS]
- In Secundis
- BABA Fabbro
Lady Iris [RB]The Fair Juran [MEX]
- El Chupa Miniere
The Scoundrel Jurgen Klopp [/\/\]Lord Kabba
The Prominent Kisamure [/\/\] La Capa Gira [KP]
- Salvo
The Eminent Lady Leia OrganaLord Liuk [KP]
- Ven
Luke [TMG]The Distinguished Lady Luxury
The Villainous Mada [MEX]
- Scuoiador de Cabras
The Prominent Maestro [XvL]
MalefattoThe Noble Lord Marcello Foa [/\/\]
- Aviopane
Lord Masamune [ANAS] Metallo [XvL]
- Slayer
Minas Miner [IPIS]
The Eminent Lord Minotardi [XvL]The Dread Lord mostro [/\/\]
- kazuto
The Illustrious Lord Muramasa [XvL]
- Jason
The Dread Lord Neyasyt
Lord Nino [IPIS]
- In Terzis
Prep Worker
SaliceThe Renowned Sara
Sarticieddu [R0M]The Commendable Shadow
Lord Slave [R0M]Lord Slave [TMG]
- Sakura
- TROLLAOT :peomg:
Lady Sora Mei [VeL]
StachanovThe Famed SuB
The Glorious Sylvar Daga' [/\/\]The Glorious Lord Tamarraggio [KP]
TanquerayLord Tionoxan
Tonald Drump [MEX]
- El Guapo
The Sinister Lord travaglio [ENG]The Dastardly TrinkyWhisky [HaTe]
Lord VALENTINO [KP]The Vile Vampire [/\/\]
- Edosky
Lord Vis [CD]
- Producer
Lord Volcom [TMG]
- Dippi
Lord Walmart [NoX]Lord Walter White [SoW]
The Famed Wedlock [XvL]
- Wedlock
The Nefarious WELLA
Lord Worker II Zappatore
zipadroneLord Zodraz
The Illustrious Zoro [XvL]
- Zoro
The Glorious Lady Zu Toto- [XvL]
- Toto

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Total: 88
Max: 949

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