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Online characters list
Agushi CalderausThe Illustrious Lord Alessandro Magno [BOT]
The Illustrious Arcturus MengskLord AuToMaTiX [MOD]
The Dread Lord BaffingoKiller [/\/\]
- Hulk
The Rude Barakus
The Outcast Beast [LvX]Lady Bio Parco
Boris Harlaut [/\/\]
- Kerlon
Lord Claudios [/\/\]
The Dread Lady Dadi [SF]
- Dadi
The Glorious Lady Daeny Targaryen [/\/\]
- Manus
The Illustrious damagina [/\/\]
- Giocos
The Dishonored Lord Efesto [XxX]
- Scorpio
FrankyFamily [XxX]
- peppo
The Nefarious Geko [XxX]
The Glorious Lord Geoff Vombatus [TMG] Gigi la Macchia [IPIS]
- GM In Primis
The Distinguished Helevorn Historia
The Dread Lady IllidaN WarlorD [SF]
- Tempesta's Worker
The Glorious Lord IREGAST [SoB]
The Noble Lord Jackhammer [FeaR]
- the engineer
The Renowned Jimmi Il Fenomen [/\/\]
Legnaiolo [E0S]Lord Leonardo [SF]
- Athelstan's Worker
The Prominent luluLord Made in China
The Eminent Lord MinadorThe Eminent Lord Munir [/\/\]
The Illustrious pain [H$P]
- .
The Dread PoP KiLlEr [/\/\]
Lord Purple HaZe [SF]
- Fla's Worker
Rayden [NSA]The Sinister Lord Ringhio [SARO]
The Outcast Saul Schreiber [LvX]The Glorious Lady Silas Dovahkiin [TMG]
- Wazikashi
- TROLLAOT :peomg:
Lady Sora Mei
The Evil Spike [H$P]
- ronin by ezio
Lord ToDo LoCo [TMG]The Great Tuxedo [SF]
- Kalar
The Noble Lord Tyler DurdenThe Illustrious Lord Unknown [/\/\]
- Vianda
The Dread Lord UnskilleD Valery Ice [/\/\]
WorkiThe Glorious Lady Zaltias [SF]
- Ozzy

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Total: 50
Max: 949

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