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Online characters list
The Illustrious Lord Alessandro Magno [BOT]The Evil Artu [H$P]
Lord AuToMaTiX [MOD] Babuska
The Dread Lord BaffingoKiller [/\/\]
- FeD
Lord Becchino Ahriman [SBK]
- Pere
Boris Harlaut [/\/\]
- Kerlon
Lord Claudios [/\/\]The Rude Delta Citrine [ECG]
- Ganja Farmer
The Dread DriT'z Lryel [SF]
- Gonno
The Glorious Lord DrugIsGoOd [SF]
- Maicol
The Dishonored Lord Efesto [SBK]
- Scorpio
The Illustrious Enhanced Heart [LaV]
FabbroThe Illustrious Fester L'Oscuro [TMG]
- Fester
Genny GengivaThe Glorious Lord GRAMOZ N'Despair [/\/\]
- (V) T4M3R 4 P4S5i0n
The Dread GrottA [/\/\]
- BramA
Lord Hattori Hanzo
The Dread HeRo [HeRo]
- HeRo
Lord Io Sono Sgravo II [SF]
- Elpa's Worker
The Illustrious Lord IREGAST [SoB]
The Glorious Lady Iside [SF]
- Saul
The Respectable Kajaku [/\/\]
The Glorious Kayura [/\/\]
- Taursil
The Rude KeTaMinE
Lord KirWorkerThe Scoundrel Lherer Blutbad
The Estimable Marily Vampir [TMG]
- Arrivo.... cambio pg
Lord Metal Worker [/\/\]
- Sky
The Eminent Lord Minador Mirko
The Illustrious Lady Mordoch [SBK]
- Ale
The Fair Nicola Amati [R0M]
- Amu Familia
Lord Nonno Pain [BOT]The Glorious Lady Nymeria Martell [SF]
- Tempesta
Lord O MastThe Glorious Onizuka [TMG]
The Noble Lady PatpolThe Wretched PAZZO [H$P]
The Illustrious Lady Pintu Poseidone
The Glorious Rachele [SBK]
- Zoe
The Illustrious Lady SELFIE [TMG]
- Leg
The Good Shelina RobertsThe Illustrious Lord Shogran [GanG]
- Fammi Pensare
The Glorious Lady Sonya RavenlockLady Sora Mei
The Nefarious Soul TeArS [GanG]
- Death & Destruction
Lord TheBear
The Glorious Lady Titoyle [/\/\]
- Pierinho
Lady ToRename
The Illustrious Lord UnknownThe Dread Lord UnskilleD
Valery IceThe Dread Visara [KP]
- Sacred Keeper
The Glorious Lady Visenya AllyrionLord Walter White [/\/\]
- Gianfry
The Glorious Lady Winter [SBK]
- clo
work [CdtC]
Lord Worker II [SBK]The Dread Yoda [HOD]

Invisible ones: 14
Total: 65
Max: 949

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