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Online characters list
Lord Alexej StachanovLady Anastasia [/\/\]
- Valdir
ArtisanPrO Azatoth [/\/\]
- Taursil
The Dread BaffingoKiller [/\/\]
- FeD
The Famed BeaVeR DoN ChuCK [LvX]
- 3 Castori Piccoli
The Dastardly BemArt [/\/\]
- artofsteel
The Glorious BlueberryThe Villainous Bu Kyuuketsuki [/\/\]
- rexcronos
Chopper Starring [/\/\]The Eminent Cluster [A†N]
- Master
ColvorThe Illustrious Enhanced Heart [LaV]
The Glorious ENZOThe Noble Lord Everyman [TMG]
- Ponzy
Lord Fatiatore [CdtC]The Illustrious Frost KaelRox
The Dark Lord GiapponeseThe Honorable HarleKing
Il Vanni [BOT]
- Compagno di merende
Lord Io Sono Sgravo II [D|L]
The Dread Lord IREGAST [SoB]The Glorious Lord Kermi [TMG]
- thyrael
The Dishonored Lady KeTaMinE LLewellyn Rhydel
The Admirable Lostphrope [SBK] Luke
The Dread Madonna [TMG]
- Faust Patrone
The Noble Lord Marcello Foa [/\/\]
MariaThe Wicked MaTa Firi [HaTe]
Lady MelLord Metal Worker [/\/\]
- Sky
The Kind MinadorThe Fair Mini Mino [/\/\]
- Lord Downunder
Moffe Orientali Nettuno
The Fair Nicola AmatiThe Dread Njal von Drake [SBK]
- Vecna
OttOThe Outcast PsyoniX SystemS
Rastremato [/\/\]
- wonder
The Eminent Lord ribattino
The Kind san CEPPATOThe Glorious Lady Sawyer [EvoL]
- Death Eater
The Scoundrel SmurfLady SOCIAL LULZ XD [BOT]
- TROLLAOT :peomg:
Lord Tane [TMG]
- Sobc
The Dread Lord The Trash Barrel [TMG]
- Crafto Solo Merda
The Distinguished Lord TheBearLord ToDo LoCo [TMG]
- Fex
The Illustrious Lord UnknownThe Glorious Lord UrYaN DarK AnGeL [TMG]
- Cambio pg
Vuoi Che MUORO [SOA]Lady Wall at Work
Lord Walter White [/\/\]
- Gianfry
The Glorious Lady Zaltias [SF]
- Ozzy

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