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Online characters list
The Renowned Also Starring [/\/\] Babuska
The Eminent Bali [BF] Bettina
BuconioThe Eminent Lord Cluster [A†N]
- Master
The Glorious Dorotea [/\/\]
- Dan
The Noble Lord Factotum [/\/\]
- protossido
The Prominent Fatiatore [CdtC]Lord Gattuccio [TMG]
- le Madonne voleranno
The Illustrious Ghiro Gilberto [/\/\]
- Quake
The Nefarious Gunter [TMG]
- Gun
Heckler e Koch [/\/\]
HistoriaThe Renowned illumi
Lord Io Sono Sgravo II [SBK]
- elpa
The Dread IREGAST [SoB]
Lord John DorianThe Glorious Lady Katerpillar [TMG]
- Geko
The Dishonored Lady KeTaMinEThe Sinister Lord Lo chiamavano tr [-Es-]
The Illustrious Lord Luca Giurato [/\/\]
- kiuzzo
Lucy Van Pelt
The Noble Lord Marcello Foa [/\/\]
- aviopene
Lord Mastro Ciliegia [/\/\]
- Necrus
Lord Metal Worker [/\/\]
- Skyhound
The Upstanding Nadler [/\/\]
- jimmy
The Fair Nicola Amati
Lord O MastThe Nefarious Oktoberfest [TMG]
- Fester
Pinkman [BOT] Principe miner [E0S]
Simple PlanLady SOCIAL LULZ XD [BOT]
- TROLLAOT :peomg:
Lady Sora MeiThe Good Valdir Kentor [R0M]
Lady Wall at WorkLord Walter White [U&B]
- Lo Spacciatore
The Famed Yin YanG [PaiN]
- EP 100%
zipadrone [/\/\]

Invisible ones: 6
Total: 42
Max: 949

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