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Online characters list
The Dishonorable Albertone [PaiN]The Wretched AmeNaDieL [LvX]
- Scroccone sarai tu!
Lady Anastasia [/\/\]
- Valdir
The Glorious Aria Teziir [S/S]
ArtisanProThe Notable BelliCapelli
The Estimable Berserk N'Roll [LvX]
- Neapolis nel cuore
The Dread Blueberry [LvX]The Glorious Buffalo Maiden [LoVe]
The Illustrious Bunny Hop [EvoL]
- Global Elite
The Wicked caster
The Illustrious Catta Loassi [/\/\]The Glorious Lord Cenarius [GanG]
- Master Chef
The Outcast Chikitchaki [LvX]The Glorious Lady Cleopatra [/\/\]
- Atalanta
The Glorious Lord CnopTcMeH [/\/\]
- Viska
Cornelius [TMG]
The Trustworthy Darkness [LvX]
- Mi Muore Il Pet
The Admirable DaViD ThE EviL [LvX]
- Davide il Diavolo
The Dread Drakan Flame [/\/\]
- Piercing
The Glorious Lady Elemoon [/\/\]
- Morthond
Lord ElficumThe Illustrious Enhanced Heart [LaV]
The Dread Lady Eowyn [/\/\]
- Tamaki
The Illustrious Escanor [LvX]
- Crow
The Glorious Lady Eywa [TMG]
- Vel
The Despicable Fester En'Khaos [PaiN]
The Glorious Lady Fiammetta [/\/\]
- Luke
The Noble Lord General [/\/\]
- Panzer
Lord Geppo [/\/\]
- tiranno
The Dread Golconda [XvL]
- Figlio Ti-Hawk
The Great Grurk Il DaNNatO [HaTe] Gunter
HistoriaThe Commendable Iluvatar
- BABA Fabbro
The Renowned Irina Shayk [/\/\]
- TOkio
The Nefarious Jane Cooney [LvX]
- Moana Pozzi
The Distinguished Lord John Dorian [/\/\]
- JD
The Wretched King Theoden [HaTe] Kiwi
The Glorious Lord Krakken [XvL]
- DarkCla
The Dread Lancillotto [E0S]
- Master of Dungeon
The Glorious LASAGNAAAM LavoroLavoro
The Despicable Lisbet Irmgard [HaTe] Lucy Van Pelt [/\/\]
- Mya
The Glorious Lady LuKy Delacroix [TMG]
- Te dico Fermete!
Mac [/\/\]
- protossido
Lady Malachite [TMG]The Noble Lord Marcello Foa [/\/\]
- Aviopene
The Eminent Lord MarcusThe Glorious Lady Marlboro
Lord MefistofeleThe Dread Lady Melisandre
Lord Metal Worker [/\/\]
- Skyhound
The Eminent Minador [StaR]
Miner Elf [*TG*]
- L'elfo Fabbro
The Outcast Mizar El'Vain [HaTe]
The Commendable MotoBlindo [LvX]
- Imperiale
The Dread Lady Munga [TMG]
- celebron
Nathan Coven Nettuno
The Dread Neyasyt [/\/\]The Fair Nicola Amati
The Dread ObscuraMcDouglasThe Distinguished Lord Oggun
The Good Ortika [/\/\] Pinkman [BOT]
The Illustrious Lady Pintu [XvL]The Unsavory PoRKSPoKK [/\/\]
- Necrus
The Famed PRE-WORKOUT [/\/\]
- daim0n
Prep Worker
The Outcast PsyoniX SystemS [/\/\] Quarantine
The Honest Quello Dietro [HaTe]The Glorious Lady Rendez Vous [SBK]
- maicol
The Sinister Lord Ringhio [SARO]
The Glorious Robin CHOKHOOD [PaiN]The Dread Lady Roxxanne
saG Sarticieddu [/\/\]
The Honest Score GgionaThe Famed Shadow [TA]
The Glorious Lady Shira [S/S]The Outcast SiMoN
The Rude Skin IVThe Outcast Snoop Dogg [LvX]
- The World Is Mine
The Glorious Lord Soul McEvil [XvL]
- Templare Tano
The Glorious Lady Sylene [/\/\]
- artax
The Nefarious Templare Drizzt [LvX]
- Templare DrizzT
Thranduil [/\/\]
- Teo
Lord TionoxanLady ToRename
The Glorious Lord ULISES [^T^]
- Zeus
The Illustrious Lord Unknown
The Dread Lady VaYne [/\/\]
The Villainous Verdmilion von D [SoB]
The Evil Walter White [XvL]
- Shany
Lord Walter White [U&B]
- Lo Spacciatore
The Illustrious Wedlock [XvL]
- Wedlock
The Admirable WELLA
The Glorious Lady Yin YanG [PaiN]Lord Yves St Germain [/\/\]

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Total: 106
Max: 949

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